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Your guide to free booze.” It doesn’t get much more direct than that! is a sharp, edgy guide to hotspots in the country’s hippest metros — New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago. And now, you can add Honolulu to the list.

The knowing mind behind the new Honolulu gateway is the tireless island übersocialite Christa Wittmier. If you don’t know Christa (and everyone knows Christa), suffice it to say she’s the first and last word you need on local happenings.

“ started in NYC with a group of snarky writers that had a blog and talked about whatever was happening with an open bar,” Christa explains, obviously sensing the synergies immediately. “It only took two conversations to convince the founder, Seva Granik, that Honolulu has a metro worthy of its own listing, and once he saw what we are all doing over here he was totally on board.”

Christa, like guides across the network, isn’t afraid to have an opinion. The site is more than a directory — it has tight and bright reviews that tell you where you should go, not just where you could go.

“It’s edgy hipster writing, in the same style as Vice magazine, and strictly editorial. Meaning, it’s not just an event listing. All events are rated based on the writer’s own opinion and are researched by the team responsible for each city,” Christa adds.

The brand new Honolulu section is being soft-launched this week, so grab a sneak peek before the rest of the cool kids stake their claim on being in the know. Sign up for the email newsletter, too, and get Christa’s unmatched wisdom delivered to your inbox each week.

“It comes every Tuesday evening and will tell you everything golden for the week,” she promises. “If anything, you will be entertained, if not drinking for free, and experiencing some culture!”

2 Responses

  1. cw says:

    so remember when there was the great depression?

    ya, me neither, but i HEAR that the only thing anyone did during those economically challenged times was drink.

    just saying.

    ps: i’m not the only contributer at this time, and hopefully it will continue to grow on that side too. thanks for the writeup ryan!

  2. Mr Stink says:

    Nice. Formats well on the iPhone.

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