Hawaii Geek Meet

Everyone is a geek about something. And whenever geeks of different stripes cross paths, sparks fly. Curiosity is stoked, ideas erupt, and the conversation can flow from frivolous to intense. The success of cross-disciplinary gatherings like Unconferenz proved that the meeting of diverse minds can make great things happen.

And it’s in that spirit that the Hawaii Geek Meet — taking place tomorrow, Sunday, April 20, at Magic Island — was born. But instead of meeting rooms and presentations, instead of downtown lunches or evening mixers, this gathering moves everyone outdoors. If there’s one thing most geeks need more of, after all, it’s sunlight.

The Hawaii Geek Meet is purely for the fun of it, the social side of networking, and hopefully also for allowing everyone to include their families and kids as well. Some of the coolest geeks I know are also parents, and it’s about time we let the next generation of geek hang out, too.

The Hawaii Geek Meet was proposed on a whim at a Bytemarks lunch in February, after Burt Lum had talked with Aaron Dragushan of Manoa Geeks about bringing various groups together. It wasn’t long before the definition of “geek” was expanded to be as inclusive as possible. Invites flew to user groups, fan clubs, builders, designers, creators, teachers, and more. Ham radio operators, photographers, programmers, new media makers (bloggers, podcasters, and vloggers), geocachers… even journalists and politicians who have a geek streak.

Just check out some of the groups that will be there tomorrow. Chances are, there’s one or two there that you’ve always meant to check out, but never found the time. Now, at one event, a dozen flavors of expertise and personal passion can be sampled. It’s a buffet of brilliant minds.

And if the great people and great conversation isn’t enough? If the beautiful Hawaii scenery isn’t enough? Come for the food. It wouldn’t be a picnic without the potluck. There’ll be at least three grills cooking up some delicious grinds, a stack of pizzas (courtesy Lava.Net), snacks, drinks, and desserts. Bring something if you can, but most of all, bring yourself!

Bring your interest group, friends, family and kids, and meet new people at a first-of-its-kind open meetup in the park. Everyone is a geek about something, so everyone is welcome.

3 Responses

  1. Clayton says:

    Sorry I couldn’t be there. Just too sick and wanting to get better to go to work. I hope you post pictures!

  2. It was lots of fun! Thanks for setting it up Ryan.

  3. TS says:

    Very nice turnout, Ryan. Everyone seemed to enjoy it. Nice work!

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