Hawaii Firm Spotlights Legal Blogs

Honolulu-based law firm Damon Key Leong Kupchak Hastert recently highlighted legal blogs written by four of its attorneys: Robert Thomas, Mark Murakami, Robert D. Harris, and Tred Eyerly.

Firm director Thomas is one of Hawaii’s first law bloggers, and writes at inversecondemnation.com on land use law, eminent domain, and property rights. Fellow director Murakami writes about maritime and ocean law at hawaiioceanlaw.com. And associates Harris and Eyerly blog at insurancelawhawaii.com about… well, you know.

In its quarterly newsletter Legal Alert, the firm explained that a law blog is where “an attorney posts articles about his or her area of expertise and interest — these articles may provide in-depth summaries and analysis of recent cases or legislation, or may contain practical insight and commentary.”

Blogs can also keep people updated on cases and decisions not reported in the traditional media.

Noting the oft-invoked mocking image of bloggers typing away in their dens, the piece concludes, “We promise we’re not wearing our pajamas.”

2 Responses

  1. Thanks for the write-up Ryan, we appreciate you turning the spotlight our way.

    — Robert

  2. NEENZ says:


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    Thank you,

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