“LOST” Open Casting Call Tomorrow

Production on the fifth season of ABC’s hit television series “LOST” begins this weekend, and the creators of the show are looking for talent right here in Hawaii. They’re holding their first “open casting call” tomorrow at Ala Wai Elementary School. They’re looking for all shapes and sizes, though fluency in a foreign language might help.

There won’t be any scripts — just a form, a camera, and a few questions. Just show up ready to shine! Local “LOST” fans and would-be TV actors and actresses have never had a better chance to get on the show.

The public recruiting drive is a notable early undertaking of the show’s new casting director, Rachel Sutton, who replaces veteran casting guru Margaret Doversola. Though Sutton is new to the position, she has previously assisted “LOST” with casting, and has recently worked with other productions in the state.

There were rumblings last year over unionized extras and a few too many familiar faces turning up in the background — a liability for a show where rabid fans dissect every shot, frame by frame. And local actors sometimes bemoaned the number of secondary roles that went to people flown in from the West Coast. So perhaps having a fresh face in the casting chair is the best way to get some fresh faces in front of the camera.

5 Responses

  1. mel says:

    So Ryan you are going to be there to audition for a role. I hope so. With all the coverage you and Jen give to LOST, you probably should get a small recurring role in this series.

  2. Tiala Nicely says:

    ALOHA!!!!! Hi my name is Tiala I’am 9 years old .I know I’am young but I have a lot of expierience and I have wanted to be an actress since I was 5. Everybody told me I could never be an actress so this is my time to shine and show them wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME!!!!! SO PICK MEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jessica Respicio says:

    Hi I am 13 .I love lost it the cool and fun. volldolly . I love the sea. expierience dogs.

  4. Let’s see. Im 28 years old. I have been a model for 8 years. My Friends say im a total nut. I says whats on my mind and am obsessed with the camera, acting and making actors/actresses more real. Fake people, all this reality stuff. Im sorry needs to go. We need more real actors and people who are not “fake”. I enjoy the sun, beaches and play clue all the time. I am one that has to be on the edge of my seat and counting down the days till the next show. That to me is REAL TV. Drama. I live and thrive on drama, or Dharma. What ever works….Thank you for you time.

  5. Kobe Villachy says:

    Replacing Margaret with Rachel is a big mistake. She is an amatuer and not very prefessional when explaining roles to petential actors. With this change the series is not just LOST, it is DOOMED !

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