‘LOST’ is Rolling

LostSPOILER ALERT! Like the first blooms of spring, there’s always something heartwarming about spotting the first location shoot of a new season of “Lost.” Cameras started rolling this morning for Episode 5×01, “Because You Left,” in Kahala in East Honolulu. Shooting took place inside the private residence off Onaha Street that serves as Kate’s post-island home.

There were no sightings of Evangeline Lilly, but a couple of reports trickled in after I stopped by. One, a man in a doctor’s coat, and two, a blond toddler that “couldn’t have been older than two.” Could baby Aaron’s health post-rescue require a house call? Or did my sources just happen to spot random visitors to the set? We’ll have to wait until February to find out.

Elsewhere in Honolulu, a second unit was lensing a scene requiring a group of Spanish speakers. I know this only because of loose lips at the open casting call on Saturday. Where they were, and what they were doing, remains a mystery. If you live on the island and spot “LOST” at work, drop me a line!

Hat tip to B.F.

7 Responses

  1. penske ford says:

    No Evangeline sightings yet? Damn.

  2. lyly ford says:

    ryan !!! god i missed you and your news ! thank you so much i didn’t expected to read something so soon !!

  3. Amy says:

    Very good information. Thank you Ryan.
    Aaron is definitely the toddler (well I could be mistaken). Lily probably slipped in there unseen.

  4. Jeremy Bentham says:

    Please post spoilers in the spoiler section only!!

  5. Glenn says:

    How long does the season shoot for Lost normally last ?

  6. Ryan says:

    @Jeremy Bentham: I’m sorry, but what are you talking about?

    @Glenn: I don’t have any official information, but I can say Season 4’s last shoots were in early to mid May. That was with the writers strike extension, though.

  7. Glenn says:

    Thanks Ryan. My family and I will be on holiday in Oahu in early October (from New Zealand), and I was hoping to jump on one of the Lost tours – so maybe we will be lucky enough to be there on a filming day ! Keep up the great work btw.

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