“LOST” Returns to Santa Rosa

LOSTSPOILER ALERT! “LOST” returned to the campus of Windward Community College in Kaneohe today to film yet another scene at the “Santa Rosa Mental Institute,” where our dear Hurley (Jorge Garcia) has been a tenant.

From veteran spotter “Grappler” (who previously reported from the Windward side) comes this account of the day’s filming:

Hurley is relaxing on the hospital grounds, sitting on a bench and painting, when Locke (Terry O’Quinn) arrives. Locke is in a wheelchair with a cast on his right leg, rolling himself up to Hurley’s side.

They have a conversation. Soon enough, Hurley jumps up. He calls out to a female orderly, perhaps his attendant, named “Susie.” He asks her, “Am I talking to a guy in a wheelchair right now?”  She affirms that Locke is really there.

Hurley sits back down, and they talk some more, in even more hushed tones.  Locke eventually gestures over his shoulder at someone.  It’s unclear whether this person is standing nearby, or is sitting in a mysterious black car with California plates parked in the distance.  But from the context (and the stand-in on the set), chances are Locke is pointing at Abbadon.

At this, Hurley again jumps up, even more distressed. “What? Don’t you know? He’s evil!”  He then jams his fingers in his ears, yelling, “I’m not hearing this! This is not happening!”  He calls for Susie.  “I’m ready to go back now!”

Susie takes Hurley by the arm back into the hospital, leaving Locke behind.

Photo from a previous shoot at the Kaneohe location. Hat tip to Grappler for the report!

5 Responses

  1. Davi Garcia says:

    Thank you Ryan and Grappler for this terrific report. Seems very interesting, especially the part involving Locke pointing at Abbadon O_o

  2. Leco says:

    Nice one!!

    Locke will be paying his debt with Abaddon!?

  3. MamaLahui says:

    eey bingoye!!!

    A Bad Don (abaddon) – think Godfather…
    ABBAdon (abbadon) – forget bad pop band.

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