Local Designer Unveils Twitter Shirts

Island geeks are crazy for Twitter. And now Hawaii designer Valentino Valdez of VALDEZign has unveiled (unofficial) Personalized Twitter Shirts. Valdez is using the custom T-shirt printing service Zazzle to print and ship the shirts, but will apparently be designing each shirt on demand as orders come in.

The design is strikingly simple. Your Twitter username is printed in a cyan-colored, rounded sans-serif font that clearly evokes the Twitter logo (but hopefully skirts any trademark issues). And a Twitter-esque dialog box below reads “IRL” — or, “In Real Life” in geek speak.

The shirts cost $25, including shipping, and are a perfect Christmas gift for the Twitter-addicted geek in your life. Order online now!

Of course, Valdez’ shirts are not the first wearable tributes to Twitter by local fans. Twitter addict Ian Kitajima made several custom Twitter T-shirts for the “Hawaii Geek Meet” in April. I was honored to receive one, as did U.S. Rep. Neil Abercrombie:

Hawaii Geek Meet

And Twitter does offer Twitter T-shirts via Reactee. But the design is more Reactee than Twitter, hence emphasizing interactivity via SMS.

Want to celebrate the downside of Twitter’s popularity? Check out Hello Fail Whale.

3 Responses

  1. That is awesome.

    I will definitely be purchasing a personalized shirt.

  2. Thanks Ryan for the post! Really appreciate the support!

    Now what’s your address? :P

  1. November 27, 2009

    […] was one year ago that local designer Valentino Valdez unveiled his customized Twitter T-shirts. They’ve now […]

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