VALDEZign Store Launches

VALDEZign Store

It was one year ago that local designer Valentino Valdez unveiled his customized Twitter T-shirts. They’ve now become an icon of local Tweetups and tech events, and have been snapped up by Twitter addicts the world over. This morning, “Black Friday,” Valentino has unveiled the VALDEZign Store. And to celebrate the occasion, he’s offering $5 off his popular Twitter shirts (regularly priced at $30 to $35) today only.

In addition to the Twitter shirts, Valentino has introduced new designs. The “I Love Hawaii Libraries” shirt (in light and dark colors) can be customized to proclaim your love for a specific library branch. Proceeds benefit Friends of the Library Hawaii. On the more whimsical side, there’s “Frog the Bounty Hunter” and “Adobo“ — a playful parody of the Adobe logo that’ll tickle any local geek.

Check out the VALDEZign Store, and follow Valentino on Twitter and on Facebook.

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