“LOST” Season 5 DVDs Coming Dec. 8 [Updated]

Of all the seasons of “LOST” we’ve had so far, the fifth is perhaps the most deserving of careful scrutiny and repeated viewings. So Tuesday, Dec. 8 is a date many fans have circled on their calendars. That’s the U.S. release date of the Season 5 DVDs (lucky fans in the U.K. have had the DVDs since Oct. 26). In the lead up to the DVD release, ABC will be posting “sneak peeks” online, including deleted scenes, cast and crew interviews and a glimpse inside LOST University.

The first, “One of Ben’s People,” was released Nov. 23. It’s a deleted scene from the episode “Namaste.”

As local “LOST” fans know, the “Othersville” set is actually the YMCA’s Camp Erdman on the North Shore of O’ahu. And since the introduction of Google Maps Street View on Hawaii, you can now virtually drive right past the now iconic yellow cabins.

The second sneak peek (released Nov. 25) was “The H Bomb – Making up for LOST Time,” featuring Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Jorge Garcia and Jeremy Davies talking about the concept of changing the future:

The third sneak peek (released Nov. 27) was “Action Figure Faraday,” a behind the scenes clip of the gunfight sequence in The Variable is set up, plus commentary from the actors.

The fourth sneak peek (released Nov. 30) was “Finding LaFleur,” another deleted scene from “Namaste,” featuring Juliet (Elizabeth Mitchell) and Miles (Ken Yeung).

The fifth sneak peek (released Dec. 1) was “Breaking Down the 100th Episode,” with interviews with several executive producers and behind the scenes footage of a production meeting.

The sixth sneak peek, released Dec. 4, was “PHY 101.2: The Physics of Time Travel,” part of LOST University. Learn about wormholes that transport you through space and time.

Want to get your hands on the DVDs? There’s a chance you could win a set for free. The folks at Buena Vista Home Entertainment have reached out to several “LOST” fan sites, including “The Transmission,” the “LOST” fan podcast that my wife and I produce. As a result, we’ll be giving away a LOST Season 5 limited edition “Dharma Initiation Kit” DVD box set to one of our listeners at the end of our current review of Season 3. All you have to do is send in an e-mail with your thoughts on the episodes we’re revisiting during this long hiatus.

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  1. Terry B says:

    Oh cool. You guys have lots of fun stuff for the fans!

  1. December 7, 2009

    […] (And some people who ordered online have actually received their shipments a day early.) As I blogged last month, a series of “sneak peek” videos had been posted to YouTube leading up to the big […]

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