“LOST” Season 5 DVD Release Tomorrow

It’s hardly news to any hardcore “LOST” fan in North America, but tomorrow brings the long-awaited release of the Season 5 DVDs from Buena Vista Home Entertainment. (And some people who ordered online have actually received their shipments a day early.) As I blogged last month, a series of “sneak peek” videos had been posted to YouTube leading up to the big day.

Tonight, on the eve of the release, BVHE is doing something different. Instead of another video, the reveal is “Hieroglyphs & Tapestry,” a series of great looking images of an iconic “LOST” set:

“Analyzing possible clues is a favourite activity of LOST fans, so check out these high-resolution photos of Jacob’s tapestry and hieroglyphs on a pillar in the tunnels.”

Check them out below, posted as-is, without scaling, cropping or watermarks (click twice to see full size).

Remember, thanks to BVHE, you can still win a free special edition “Dharma Initiation Kit” Season 5 DVD box set through the “LOST” podcasts my wife and I are releasing throughout the hiatus. It’s one of several special prizes we’ll be giving away next month.

Photos courtesy of Buena Vista Home Entertainment. ©ABC Studios.

2 Responses

  1. Ashley Wright says:

    Anyone notice the chunk of taperstry missing? I’m guessing on that piece there was a certain four toed statue on it, could this be the same piece that Illana found in the cabin?

  2. Brian B says:

    Just so everyone knows, if you are a netflix subscriber you can now watch LOST season 5 on their instant streaming platform. Although, I will of course still be purchasing the box set because my life would be incomplete without it sitting on my shelf.

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