“LOST” in Dharma

SPOILER ALERT! The “LOST” filming tip line had been silent for some time, and in years past the Thanksgiving holiday marked the start of a six-week hiatus for local production. I was beginning to think we’d seen the last of the location shoots of 2008.  But visiting fan Grant from Edmonton and his wife were able to catch them hard at work yesterday at Camp Erdman — otherwise known as Othersville — on the North Shore.

Polite and discreet Canadians that they were, they just quietly watched from afar as the cast and crew broke for lunch. But their good nature must’ve been evident, as Evangeline Lilly — a Canadian herself — spotted them and walked over to talk to them.

They weren’t able to get close to the set, but the close encounter with the cast definitely made their day. Grant did, however, take note of a few curious facts during his visit:

  • There were six main characters present. In addition to Kate, they saw Jack (Matthew Fox), Hurley (Jorge Garcia), Sayid (Naveen Andrews), Sawyer (Josh Holloway) and Jin (Daniel Dae Kim). Those last two names are particularly interesting to see.
  • Sayid appeared to be wearing civilian clothes. Kate appeared to be wearing a dark blue jumpsuit. The rest — Jack, Hurley, Sawyer and Jin — were all wearing what appeared to be the DHARMA Intiative’s familiar tan jumpsuits.
  • There were also more than a dozen other actors, including a few children in DHARMA tan jumpsuits, skirts and shorts.
  • At least four new looking DHARMA Volkswagen vans, one Jeep, and a few blue bicycles scattered among the cabins.
  • The left edge of a banner that began with the word “NEW.”

“Was this a jump back in time before Dharma was wiped out?  Has Dharma been reborn?  If this is the future, then is Jin alive?  Even if it is the past, is Jin alive?” Grant asked. “Without seeing them shoot the scene it is only so much guessing… but it is tantalizing.”

“One thing for sure, though,” he added. “They weren’t wearing those jumpsuits to keep warm.”

Grant also shared a few photos of his visit to Othersville:

Mahalo, Grant, for the great set report!

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  1. raynag says:

    I was there the same day and was wondering about the blue jumpsuit as well, I saw Evangeline Lilly wearing it wondering what was going on and Jorge Garcia wearing the tan get up. Nice to know even though I am a big fan, I am not the only guessing!!! To everyone in the show… can’t wait til Jan.!!!

  1. December 6, 2008

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  2. December 16, 2008

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