“LOST” Notes from Visiting Fans

SPOILER ALERT! This past week was definitely a good week to be a “LOST” fan vacationing in Hawaii. The Othersville set report from Grant was only the beginning.  Less than a day later, I heard from Crista, who stopped by Camp Erdman as well. There was no filming taking place, but that allowed her to take a leisurely stroll among the cabins.

“We were there last in March, and I didn’t expect to see the difference in the camp, but it was like a whole new place. We saw some amazing things, like the freshly painted new Dharma van and Jeep, and what looked like a vehicle servicing center with a huge gas tank with a new Dharma logo on it (one with a wrench in the center). Also, the houses were all freshly painted, the swing sets were repaired and repainted (no rusty chains), there were new plants and flowers, etc.  Also, the hall where they kept Kate prisoner briefly has been redone again too, and there was a sign up that said “Processing Center.” There were a ton of props inside. The latest year on the Dharma new recruit photos was 1976. And tied up out back was a very adorable yellow lab.  I can’t say for certain that he was Vincent, but he looked just like him (pale yellow, almost white).”

Yet another fan, Sarah, made her way to Othersville, and sent in this report:

“Today I had an opportunity to drive out to Othersville and found the Lost crew shooting a scene at the very end of the road. They had the Dharma bus perched on a cliff towards the ocean with Hurley in the driver seat. Sawyer was in a Dharma jumpsuit and Jack was wearing a button down shirt and tie. Kate was there too. Apparently, Carlton and Damon were there too. It was so exciting to see Lost in the making up close and personal!”

Finally, as a perfect close to a busy week, Grant from Edmonton once again caught a glimpse of “LOST” at work yesterday at Kawela Bay:

“There was nothing to be seen on the beach itself (though it is an incredibly beautiful setting), so we carried on following some horse riding trails from Turtle Bay until we came across several equipment trucks.  We passed what must have been a prop on the ground about the size of a rowboat… but it was covered by a tarp and I was too polite to take a peek.  A little further down the road, we could see a couple of crew preparing a set.  They were uncovering a structure made of wood poles in the shape of a teepee.  About 20 feet tall and without any covering whatever, just the wooden poles.  A few yards past that was a Dharma VW van.”

Finally, for dessert, a two-word spoiler from our latest “LOST” podcast, posted yesterday: Young Charlotte.  Her search for her birthplace was pretty clearly telegraphed at the end of Season 4, and it looks like we’ll get a glimpse of her childhood next year.

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  1. Antp says:

    Hey, omg cnt believe they travel back! We might actualy find detailed facts about dharma! And omg cnt wait to find out what the jumpsuits are all about (the sickness?) and i love the polar bear thing. Also forgot to mention, ive been watching a few youtube clips and a logo keeps popping up ‘Ajira airlines’ which aparently means island.

  2. Rob says:

    This comment is in reference to the 2nd airline Easter Eggs that popped up in The Fray music video, and the idea that this airline will possibly be involved in the Oceanic 6’s return to the island. We know from Juliet that Kate and Sawyer were helping to build a runway for the Others in Season 3, although we never found out why. Maybe we know now.

  3. Jay says:

    I saw the filming last week as well at Camp Erdman. THere was a guy who could have been anyone, but appeared to be Sawyer in a Green jumpsuit raking leaves. He was being shot from 10-12 feet up, as to not get the road I was driving on in the shot. The cabins all look newly painted and there were yellow panels to the side that looked as though they could be made to look like a cabin if need be. They had a crane on each side of the camp at 40-50 feet high. I drove by a couple of times, but it was just a stationary shot.

    Also, dropped by the beach area. THey said that they hardly ever film there anymore. Said they came back a few weeks ago for one day, but they are filming now on other parts of the island. Said in a way as if that was the first time in a while as well.

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