“LOST” Under Fire

SPOILER ALERT! Things were pretty quiet on the “LOST” spotting front. As we reported in our last “LOST” podcast, the only news last week was a Twitter note from my friend Susan (confirmed by Shari) about some explosions on the Hawaii Film Studio lot on Diamond Head.  Fortunately, the pyrotechnics continued after the long weekend, with a huge shoot at Camp Erdman today.  And word streamed in from several people, from veteran spotters to vacationing fans, on all the action.  And I do mean action!

Chris J. actually got early word of the pending shoot, and visited the set on President’s Day. The holiday afforded him some quality time with a blue Dharma Jeep.  He returned today, and also on the scene were fishbisquit, and the great Roxy.  Even Jo (a.k.a. JOpinionated) was there, in the middle of an all-day “LOST” tour… but as a spoiler-free fan, she’s not talking.  The others, fortunately, helped paint the picture.

In addition to the blue Dharma Jeep, there were three Dharma vans, one of them badly wrecked. There was also the blown-up remains of a house (presumably, but perhaps not, Claire’s cottage from Season 4).  Most of the action took place in the Dharma motor pool, in the mechanic’s garage (first noted by Crista).

As for actors, Matthew Fox (Jack), Evangeline Lilly (Kate), and Jeremy Davies (Daniel) were immediately recognizable. Jack was in the typical khaki jumpsuit, Daniel was wearing a grey one, and Kate was in a dark blue Dharma outfit (with the “wrench” logo).  And there were other names. First and foremost, “Radzinsky” (Eric Lange) was in the scene, and Roxy says the character was also wearing black… along with “Thug 1” and “Thug 2” (as identified by their trailers) and a number of other “rifle-toting men.”  There were also a couple of redshirts in Dharma khakis (“Casey” and “Elmer“). Paul Edwards was apparently directing.

As for the action? Jack, Kate, and Faraday are in a gun battle with Dharma agents wearing black.  They run, jump into the blue Jeep, ducking bullets and crashing into a Dharma van.  Just as they get away, a large fuel tank explodes.

Sounds like the good times are back in Othersville!

Thanks to Chris J., fishbisquit, Roxy and even Jo! Photos published by Hawaii Blog with permission.

3 Responses

  1. Jonine from Arizona says:


    Thank you for all for the great pictures!

    I wish I was home..to see all LOST shooting unfold..


  2. Gary says:

    Great photos

  1. February 19, 2009

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