“LOST” in Pictures

A little over a week ago, I posted some “LOST” spotting notes from fans who were visiting Hawaii. Among them was a report from Crista, who spent some time wandering “Othersville” (a.k.a. Camp Erdman). Fortunately, she was also able to take some photos, which she was kind enough to share:

Above, the Dharma “Processing Center,” which we previously saw toward the end of Season 3 in “The Man Behind the Curtain.” As Crista noted, on the wall was a series of photographs apparently highlighting each year’s batch of new recruits, and the last year depicted was 1976.

Crista actually returned to Camp Erdman a second time, and found that the cabins had been dirtied up a bit, perhaps to suggest the passage of time or even fire damage.  Here are her before-and-after photos, which were taken a couple of days apart at most.

Finally, as an added bonus, I got an email from Howard Hsu, whose coworker helped translate the Russian signs downtown and at Bishop Museum. As it turns out, he had taken the KOS Tour up at Kualoa just last week, and was able to snap a shot of a new prop erected at the ranch:

According to Howard, “the tour guide said when they were filming, the scene was a bunch of army men lowering what appeared to be a missile into the manhole under this.”

Thanks, Crista and Howard!

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  1. December 14, 2008

    […] to DarkUFO for the below Thanks to Ryan from Hawaii blog and two of his readers Crista and Howard for the […]

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