Roz Savage Arrives in Tarawa

Solo ocean rower Roz Savage arrived in Tarawa yesterday, having journeyed over 3,000 miles in 104 days since leaving Honolulu in May. Check out the first set of photos on Flickr, which shows the welcome she received from the locals and marks the end of the second leg of a three-part journey to row solo across the Pacific Ocean. She describes the last few hours of her epic trip, and the warm welcome she received, in her latest blog post:

I looked up at the 
crowd of several hundred people that had come to greet me, and 
wondered if my first act on arriving in Tarawa would be to topple over 
like a drunkard.Then two big hunky men in traditional island outfits approached and 
knelt in front of me, forming a cradle with their arms. “Thank heavens 
for local tradition” I thought, as I sank gratefully onto the 
proffered cradle.

Roz dedicated this latest trip to raising awareness of climate change, and its potentially catastrophic effect on small islands (such as the nation of Tuvalu). She’ll be among the featured delegates at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen in December. Roz says she’ll blog every day while in Tarawa until leaving on Sept. 17.

Internet access in Tarawa is limited (Roz remarked that her boat is probably more wired than the atoll), but you can always get the latest news from or from her Twitter account.

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  1. what an awesome accomplishment, and great post. i’m going to show this to my daughter, who just started her first week of crew this past week at berkeley high!

  1. September 8, 2009

    […] Roz Savage Arrives in Tarawa (tags: crew hawaii egh environmentalism) […]

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