“LOST” and the Law


SPOILER ALERT: “LOST” turned up in downtown Honolulu today, returning to the old Honolulu Police Station, the historic Walter Murray Gibson building at the corner of Nuuanu and Merchant streets. This location previously played the lockup where Sarah bailed Jack out in the Season 3 premiere, “A Tale of Two Cities.” And it looks like the building continues to be typecast.

Most of the filming was done inside, though some street shots required the strategic placement of Los Angeles Police Department cruisers. Like yesterday’s shoot in Waikiki, Josh Holloway (Sawyer) was the main castmember on the set. This time, though, he was joined by Ken Leung (Miles), and a third actor or character referred to as “Liam.” There was no word on how the scenes were unfolding, but crew chatter suggested two apparent settings: the police station, and a locker room.

Across the street, the staff at Murphy’s Bar & Grill (another “LOST” location) posted to Twitter: “Ooh Josh Holloway is super handsome.” Murphy’s ended lunch service early in order to feed much of the crew.

Thanks to local geek Michael (who took a quick video as he walked past the set) and visiting fan Damian for the reports!

7 Responses

  1. allan says:

    Liam ? Charlie’s brother?

  2. MK says:

    That’s what I thought too, is that possible? Liam, Charlie’s brother? There could be a reason for this, have no idea how it would happen but the Dexter Stratton ring should be returned to Liam. Sun was the last person we saw with it, but this is LOST….just a thought.

  3. ManilaRaf says:

    Just a thought, but isn’t Liam Pace living in Australia? And if the Losties made it back to LA what reason would Liam have to go to LA after his goodbye to Charlie in Oz? And if they made it to LA, wouldn’t Charlie be alive and the DS ring would be on his very-much-alive finger?

  4. Tara says:

    I’m in Honolulu for a few days. Any tips on getting to a filming location? I’m a HUGE fan!

  5. Aloha Tony says:

    A while ago I saw 3 identical blue VW buses parked in Kaimuki. Of course, they were the Dharma buses!

  6. eric says:

    There’s filming on the USS Bowfin. setupstarted at 10am so there’s only a food table, and a open roof shelter that’s covered in black to be used as a temporary room. i think i saw a portable AC being used to pump in air into it. they also moved some stuff onto the bowfin. i’m assuming one day of filming since hte bowfin will be open tomorrow.

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