“LOST” Connections [Updated]

SPOILER ALERT: “LOST” is filming in downtown Honolulu this morning, taking over the entrance of the State Attorney General building on Queen St. And two characters that fans have been eager to see in Season 6 are featured in the street-front scene.

The AG’s building has been transformed into the “Airport Courthouse.” And on the sidewalk leading to the street, who should be meeting but Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) and Charlie (Dominic Monaghan). Traffic on Queen Street was blocked off, so that “LOST” could provide its own pedestrians and traffic.

I’d gotten early word of the shoot (one of two locations being used today), but with such a prominent location, there was no doubt the crew would catch the notice of fans. Early posts to Twitter came from danseto, GinelNel, sunnywave, X3MIST, and rossb who also posted a photo via Twitter.

Update 1: “Screeching tires, stunt double, looks like Charlies gonna get hit by a car,” rossb writes. But he later retracted it and said, “Charlie’s just got attitude and charges thru traffic!”

Update 2: Local web designer Michael Whalen posted a brief video clip.

Update 3: Thanks to many great folks, here’s a broad summary of the scene:

Charlie and a woman, possibly his lawyer, walk out of the “Airport Courthouse.” Charlie has apparently just been released from custody, and is holding a bag containing his personal items. Desmond pulls up and gets out of a car, and goes up to them. The woman tells Desmond, “He’s all yours.” But Charlie just walks away, striding across the street, oblivious to cars that swerve and skid around him. Desmond follows, checking his watch as he pauses a moment to wait for traffic to clear, and crosses after him.

And here are some photos and a few video clips from today’s shoot downtown.

Mahalo to Ross Burck, Will Lee, Mr. Darcy, and Anonymous, for allowing Hawaii Blog to publish these!

Update 4: Steve comments below that Charlie and Desmond apparently cross the street to “Jax,” portrayed by Anna Bannana’s (2440 South Beretania St.) near University Ave.

6 Responses

  1. I watched them shoot the other angle of this over at Anna Bannana’s after they wrapped up at the AG. Same sequence of events; Charlie walks out in to traffic with Desmond following behind. Same vehicles almost hit him as in the video you have here. They go in to Anna’s (which has been renamed “Jax” for the shoot). After they shot they brought everything in to the bar for another scene. I tried to hustle my way on as an extra but it didn’t work out. I did spend some time chatting with some of the crew and even got a friendly nod from Henry Ian Cusick. I resist the urge to give him a “Good to see ya, brutha!” as I wanted to.

  2. ewu says:

    cool, thank you Ryan!

  3. Aloha Tony says:

    Thanks Ryan. Always on it! Great pics.

  4. jennY says:

    thanks for the filming updates Ryan!

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