“LOST” at the Marina

SPOILER ALERT: It was a big day for the “LOST” crew, setting up at the marina behind the Ilikai Hotel. Early on the agenda was an ambitious stunt, but it took a second try to make a splash.



The scene was deceptively simple. A silver car swerves out of control and crashes into the water. Extensive preparations were undertaken, with the car in question stripped of an engine and any other part that would upset the Environmental Protection Agency. It was hooked up to one end of a 90-degree pulley, and the other end was tied to a pickup truck. Several cameras were set up — one on a 40-foot boom, one on the back of a cart, one in the water, and a few more stationary cameras positioned around the marina. Background extras were briefed on where to stand, and the whole crew came together for a long safety meeting.

Shortly before noon, the set was cleared, and cameras started rolling. But when action was called, and the truck took off, the silver car stayed put. Instead, the cable or pulley system snapped, creating only a cloud of dust. It took nearly an hour to repair and reset everything, apparently sending the production into “overtime” as far as its area use permits were concerned.

Fortunately, the second time was the charm. Cameras rolled, action was called, and while the camera cart sped along the edge of the marina, the silver car hit the ramp and flipped into the water. I suspect the car was supposed to fly further than it did, but it looked like the tow cable held on a little too long, snagging the front of the car as it left the ramp. Still, it was a dramatic splash.

Most of the crew was silent for nearly a minute as divers swam to the car to help release the stunt driver. Once he surfaced safely, everyone cheered.

It was only after the stunt, and after a lunch break, that the context of the scene became clear. Seated in the ill-fated car were Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick) and Charlie (Dominic Monaghan), perhaps not long after Charlie’s release from the airport holding cell and their subsequent conversation in a bar. Desmond is driving. The pair are arguing. Suddenly, Charlie grabs the wheel from the passenger seat and yanks, and his impulsive act is what sends their vehicle into the ocean.

What follows, I imagine, may be filmed on a sound stage. But the possible similarities to the Season 3 finale are hard to ignore.

Check out my full photo set on Flickr.

Special thanks to visiting fans Michelle, Jay, and Matt for their reports!

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  1. My newest theory: Jack’s (Faraday’s) experiment works, Oceanic 815 lands in LA and all are safe. Since it is still only 2004, the Losties are 3 years behind “real time.” During Season 6, we’ll follow our Losties as they interact and COME TO THE SAME FATE, as they did on the island. Boone & Shannon die, here Charlie drowns, Kate winds up with Aaron, Sayid marrys, then loses Nadia, Jack’s life crumbles, Locke attempts to win Helen again but fails, then dies. They will be in an alternate reality, yet will come to the same ends. I think they will have memories of what happened on the island. Jack will be with Kate, Sawyer will try to reconcile with Clemintine and her mom, but that will fall apart, so he will seek out and find Juliette. By the finale, they will find their way back to the island (haven’t figured out how yet) and are reunited with the beach folks in 2007. While thinking that with a second chance, things will change, they will find that you can’t change the past. All that rises, must converge. That’s my last and final theory … and I’m sticking to it.

  2. bluedog1121 says:

    If Charlie drowns again, I’m going to lose my mind! And not in a good way! :P

  3. Awesome set!

    My wife and I got called this morning to be extras on tomorrow’s shoot, so maybe we’ll have another piece of the puzzle by then!

    Oh, maybe don’t publish this until AFTER tomorrow, if you don’t mind. I don’t want anyone from LOST to see it and worry about us leaking info.

  4. jennY says:

    OH my gosh that theory gave me goose bumps! Good one!

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