“LOST” on the Lawn [Updated]

SPOILER ALERT: While additional shooting takes place this morning at the Ilikai Marina, continuing the big stunt scene from yesterday, local blogger GeeWhy of Pulpconnection broke the news of a concurrent “LOST” location shoot on Twitter and with a blog post. The scene, fortunately, is considerably more low key than yesterday’s. In fact, it’s downright ceremonial.



The “LOST” crew took over the “Great Lawn” at Bishop Museum, setting up for a wedding scene.

Fortunately, my family are members and regular visitors to the museum, and my wife and daughter just happened to be there today. A stage was set up to host a band. Jack Bender was running the show, with Jean Higgins by his side. The first actor on the set was Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond), dressed up and doing press interviews, but he was not the groom. When Fionnula Flanagan (Eloise) showed up, flanked by a slight stand-in dressed in a tuxedo, the likely story became clear.

UPDATE: Or maybe not. Piecing together separate reports, it was not a wedding, after all… which might explain why no one saw a bride or groom all day! But there’s a reason why someone might get that impression.

The scene was instead a big-ticket fundraiser for the “Golden Gate Natural History Museum” (or something to that effect), featuring a concert, hence the stage. Parked at the entrance, black limousines and Town Cars with California plates, as well as the silver sedan that Desmond was driving in yesterday’s dramatic shoot.

The fundraiser was being hosted by Eloise, and Desmond was apparently crashing the party, looking for Penny. He tries to read the guest list, but Eloise takes it away. She rebuffs him, and he barks, “For what?” He then storms off.

Work continued past the museum’s closing time, so who knows what followed. But why the early impression that the scene involved a wedding? Apparently, some of the crew were referring to Eloise not as “Mrs. Hawking,” but as “Mrs. Widmore.” It may very well be simple confusion, but it seemed prominent enough to at least suggest an alternate outcome for her relationship with Charles.

See more photos from today’s Bishop Museum shoot here.

Thanks to my wife Jen, MDG from Long Island, VSC, and @MediumTuna for the report and photos.

12 Responses

  1. Diane D says:

    OMG, you’re such a tease. Who, What….Wedding?

  2. Lee says:

    Who would Eloise be marrying? Perhaps the “slight stand-in” is for Daniel and it’s his wedding?

  3. Mike says:

    Easy – Whidmore! He was married to her!

  4. Roberta says:

    Penny’s Wedding, but not with Desmond!

  5. Martina says:

    I’m leaving on the 30th. Is there any LOST filming going on? Can someone recommend a good LOST tour to take? Mahalo.

  6. Martina says:

    If anyone can help me with my previous questions BEFORE the 30th please e-mail me directly at [email protected], Subject: LOST. My internet expires tonight at midnight. Mahalo!

  7. Ryan says:

    I emailed you minutes after your first comment, Martina! Hope you got it. On the tour, I strongly recommend Ed Kos’ operation at Kualoa, HummerToursHawaii.com.

  8. Martina says:

    Thank you so much Ryan! I will check them out.

  9. Daniel says:


    Cheers! I ran across your blog while researching things to do in Hawaii. I’m currently here for a conference with the Navy, over here by Pearl. First time in Hawaii, so I might have to take orders here some day (I’m from Puerto Rico so Hawaii reminds me of home.)

    This is to piggyback on Martina’s question: I’ll be here through Friday but am planning on skipping out of this conference and doing some sightseeing on Thursday (28 January). Would you happen to know if there is filming going on for LOST that day? I’m an avid fan from day one, and watching LOST has kept me sane on many a long deployment. My e-mail is [email protected].

    I believe you say “Mahalo” here. Muchas Gracias.


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