Sorting Out the “LOST” DVDs

Today brings the much-anticipated release of “LOST: Season Six” on DVD (or Blu-Ray), and “LOST: The Complete Collection” on DVD (or Blu-Ray).

Meanwhile, as in years past, retailer Best Buy is also touting “Exclusive Bonus Footage” in its Season Six DVD and Season Six Blu-Ray sets.

The question is, which bonus discs and goodies come with which set?

As far as the standard offerings go, both the Season Six and Complete Series sets offer a ton of bonus features. And both come with “The New Man In Charge,” the 12-minute epilogue offering a taste of what comes next for some of our beloved characters. But the Complete Series comes with “one full disc of never-before-seen content,” in addition to assorted collectible items (an island replica, an ankh, a Senet game and a black light to find clues in an exclusive episode guide).

Of course, $150 to $200 is a lot to spend to get an extra disc.

But according to various online reports, such as this forum thread passed along by @DonaldJr and @theJDman on Twitter, the Blu-Ray version of the Season Six set at Best Buy apparently comes with the bonus disc from in the Compete Series set.

(The DVD version of the Season Six set at Best Buy does, indeed, come with the extra disc of stuff only available at Best Buy, but I gather that’s not nearly as exciting.)

If you’ve got a Blu-Ray player but shudder at the prospect of laying out the cash for the Complete Series, it looks like the Season Six Blu-Ray set at Best Buy is a great deal. For about $50, you get the final season of “LOST” and the usual goodies, plus the extra disc from the Complete Series set.

For those who crave more details, let’s see if I can break it down further.

The Complete Collection bonus disc (apparently included in the Best Buy Season Six Blu-Ray set, and mis-labeled as “Lost Season 6 Exclusive Bonus Disc”) includes:

  • Letting Go
  • Artifacts of the Island
  • Planet Lost
  • Swan Song
  • Lost on Location
  • Lost Slapdowns
  • Deleted Scenes
  • More from the Series
  • Senet Feature (Ankh Symbol)

The “Exclusive Bonus Footage” that comes on the Best Buy Season Six DVD set includes five featurettes:

  • Chicken Heaven
  • Sayid Vs. Dogen
  • Lost Live: The Final Concert
  • Lost On Location: Sundown
  • Lost On Location: Dr. Linus

Thanks to Bleddyn Williams and TravisR for the lists!

4 Responses

  1. Carol from Boston says:

    I bought the Blu-ray season 6 set from Best Buy and the extra disc is a DVD not a Blu-ray and it has a lot of content.

    More from the Series: S4 – Regina’s Jump, Rat Maze, Hurling Hurley, Building the Bomb and Ben’s Door. S5- Ben Vs. Desmond, Locke’s Leg, Rose and Bernard’s retirement, Jeep Escape, Others Secrets, Radzinsky at the flame and Sun and Jin’s Wedding.

    Deleted scenes: S3 – Handcuffs, Surprise Inside. S5 – Would Theresa Know? Shallow Graves,Window Tak, Hutnting worth the risk.

    The background of the menu is smokey and flashes occur with “moments” of the show and phrases, it is pretty cool. I am glad I got this edition and it cost the same as Amazon.

    Also no table of contents I had to put in the discs to find out which features are on the disc. “New Man in Charge” is on disc 6)

  2. Crit says:

    I found a bunch of the Easter eggs on the secret/bonus disc, posted about it here:

  3. I had no idea about the Best Buy special Blu Ray, thanks! I almost ordered it from Amazon. Guess the island didn’t want me to get that version. :-)

  4. I ordered the whole box set from Amazon, but I never bought any of the other discs. I’m sure I’m in the minority on that one. I can’t wait to dive into these features.

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